Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT Write about an animal excuse

Sushi Drama

“How do you explain this?!” asked my boss, his nose twitching with anger.  He waved a photo of me getting picked up by chopsticks and screaming with laughter.“I promise it’s not what it looks like, it was not my fault!” I stammered. “ That very day I had set off to go buy some lunch but it ended  up being quite peculiar. Trotting into a small sushi shop, I leaped on the high stools, nibbling on soy-sauce saturated rice. Light breezes lurked in the air and everything was peaceful. Suddenly I picked up a scent of chopsticks and there they were, squeezing on my blanket of fur! It tickled strongly so I couldn’t help giggling. I think that man needs glasses, if you excuse me I do not look like sushi!” I explained and to my horror, my boss was munching on a piece of sushi while listening to my strange story!Image result for Comedy wildlife photography awards 2016

Thursday, 28 September 2017

WALT Write a letter to the Prime Minister about decreasing the age to be able to vote.

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your successful election, campaign this year. My family and I have been following the debate and election, we think you have covered all the main issues. Unfortunately I feel that there is one issue that has been missed from the debates. I believe that the age restriction for voting should be reduced from the age 18 to the age of 16.  Everyone should know that you are one of the best Prime Ministers NZ has ever had. You are very smart and brilliant woman/man so I am hoping that you would consider my argument.  If you consider my argument I know that more pupils will elect you for the next election.

I strongly believe that young adults should be able to vote at the age of 16 as it is important for them to have a say. Without a doubt elderly will disagree with this statement that 16 year olds are too young. On the other hand they are able to drive a car, stay home alone and even babysit.  Being an older pupil you would have to put up with jobs, bills and other financial things. Where as 16 year olds are still at school so they would have more time to vote.

.Unlike past generations digital natives put up with the latest technology to help inform them for the next election. The time has come to start including 16 year olds in all decisions of their future as members in NZ’s democratic society. Since you are the best Prime Minister that anyone could wish for, we know that you will fulfil our requests.

Kind Regards,
Brianna & Sameera

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

WALT Use repetition


Sorry Miss,
I was late,
The car ran out of fuel
We had to wait
                                                              And ride on a mule.

Sorry Miss,
I was running to school,
I tripped over and fell,
I looked like a fool
                                                            And I started to yell.

Sorry Miss,
I was crossing the street,
Then an Earthquake struck
The birds started to tweet
And gave me bad luck.

Sorry Miss,
A meteor hit my house
The whole thing caught on fire
Then we found an ugly little mouse
Which made me late for choir.

Sorry Miss,
I was part of an alien abduction,
They took me to space,
Which made me late for my introduction,
Back to their home base.

By Samarah and Sameera

I like the way we rhymed all the lines.
Next time we should try to use our own rhyming words.

Monday, 18 September 2017

WALT Write a summary about Wales and Norway

Wales and Norway - Summary/Statements

Population - Sameera
The population of Wales is 3.063 million which is under the average population, meaning that their country is quite small. The population of Norway is 5.233 million, this is also under the average population which could mean that Norway is small, just like Wales.

Food - Samarah
Whatever country you go to there is always traditional food. Norway and Wales both have stews or soups. Norway has a traditional dish called Lapskaus, it is a thick Norwegian stew of meat and potatoes, some people even add more vegetables and spices. The dish can be made in multiple ways. In Wales they have Cawl otherwise known as a soup, the main ingredients are Carrots, Potatoes, Swedes (Rutabaga) and Meat.

Location -  Ranya  
Wales is located near England and is part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Norway is part of the continent Europe and is located near Sweden. Wales is 20,761 km² and Norway is 385,203 km². The climate in Norway is really cold and is a good place to go skiing and Wales is more of a wet country because in the UK it is more wet and warm.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   History - Nuha
All the countries have sacred history.  In Norway, the time from 800 to 1050 A.D was called the Viking Period.  There, Norway was not one united country, but separate little kingdoms.  On 7th July 1905 Norway’s union with Sweden dissolved and Norway was declared an independent country.  Wales went through a range of ages such as the ice age and the stone age.  Also in the 3rd century Christianity arrived in Wales.  Few of the Christians were Martyred by the Welsh.  However the persecution of Christian ceased very soon after.

Native wildlife - Chantelle
All countries that you can visit will have a form of native wildlife, these are normally animals, birds or plants that can only be found in that country. Some of the wildlife that are classified as native to Wales are the goshawks, grey seals and the Red kites whereas some of the native wildlife in Norway are the eurasian lynxes, elks and reindeer  

Languages- Sherlyn
Both these countries have languages that are special to them. In Wales the official languages are Welsh and English. 508,000 people speak welsh in Wales and 562,000 people speak English in Wales. In Norway the official languages are Norwegian, Nynorsk, BokmÃ¥l  and in the north of Norway they speak Saami. They also speak english but it’s not an official language.

I like the way we used lots of information.
Next time we will make sure that we understand what all the words mean.

Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT Use the correct narrative structure and use descriptive language

The Odd Rubbish Bin                  

It was a normal Saturday morning and the crisp cold tiles stood confidently as Grace tiptoed along them. Sweet smells of homemade cookies laughed through the air. Grace’s mother stood by the glistening clean oven impatiently.  Licking the spoon, Grace’s mouth watered repeatedly like a washing machine. Her busy mother had always wanted to be a baker and for that she had to practice. Clutching her new, small teddy bear Grace went to find something to eat.

Slimey, mushy banana oozed out of the yellow and brown skin. The slippery substance covered Grace’s tiny short nails and her teddy bears paws. She stuffed her banana into her mouth as her stomach raged with hunger. Sugary and fluffy, it drooled out of her dry, chapped lips and swirled like a ride at the amusement park. Grace grinned once she had finished and went to drop her banana peel into the bin, only she did not know what was awaited for her in that simple but extraordinary rubbish bin.

The grey, regular bin stood like a grand throne waiting for someone to rest on it. Strong odours grasped the air like a parent stopping a young child from stealing candy. Grace’s little, pale fingers where smothered with greasy textures of banana, which made it hard to grip anything. Plop! The empty banana peel dropped to the floor leaving more oily smudges that poor Grace didn’t notice. Suddenly, whoosh! Grace skidded along the tiles until she fell head first into the dirty, unsettling bin.   

Blinking, Grace’s petite blue eyes shot around the stinky atmosphere. It was as if a giant skunk had sprayed a gallon of toxic air into the world. Her jaw dropped open like she was at the dentist. Old, mouldy butter reminded her of her mother’s baking. Chicken bones made icky trees that towered along the path which was carved out of smelly mayo. It squelched between her toes while bushes of dust balls scrunched on the old basil grass. Once Grace was finally knocked out of her confusion she soon realised that there was no way out. She was trapped!Tears did gymnastics along the pink and damp cheeks of Grace, which were covered in freckles. Her teddy bear was seasoned with sweat from her hands. All the smells of disgusting garbage mixed together and made Grace’s nose twitch. She stood in the middle of the rubbish land, not knowing what her next move would be.

. Bang! Startled, Grace rushed to see what had made the disastrous sound. Empty shredded milk bottles and egg shells were in a heap as if they were clothes in a messy bedroom. Without knowing a thought flashed through her mind like a frightening lightning bolt. Her mother’s baking equipment! That only meant one thing. The exit was in the green, awfully polluted sky.Grace sighed thinking this was the end of all the troubles. Of course she was wrong. The ground began to wobble like jelly. Strong gusts of wind collided on the chicken bone trees. Bits of the basil grass swept up into the sky like a swarm of mosquitos. She squinted as a horrifying sight formed in front of her. A giant, enormous teddy bear stomped on the sour mayonnaise. It had one stitched, pitch black eye that blinked at Grace with anger. Grace’s skinny legs trembled without control. Frantically kicking her shoes on the soft footpath she slid to a stop as she saw a mountain of flour tins. There was no time to look behind. She clinged onto the little bumps and began to make her way up.

Whoosh! Gliding by a huge tug she got sent up into her own small kitchen. Her mother was removing the chocolate cookies from the oven as if nothing had happened. “That took you a long time to put that banana peel in the bin!” her mother smiled, with the slightest bit of knowingness in her beam.

Great Job Sameera! I liked the way you used lots of different examples of descriptive language to hook the reader in and used interesting vocabulary. Next time you may like to add less paragraphs to try shorten the story. - Samarah!

I like the way I used descriptive language.
Next time I will use the correct paragraphing structure.