Sunday, 6 August 2017

WALT Write about an unusual animal in the sky

The Cheekiness in the Sky

Clank! The rusty, dirty boat screeched to a tremendous stop like it had seen a bright red stop sign in the clouds. Glancing up, his deep blue eyes shot around the empty, peaceful sky searching for help. Strong rays of the sun gleamed around him like glistening, glamorous candles. “Ooh ooh aah aah!” familiar noises swam through the invisible air. Blurs of brown surrounded the boat. Soon he realised they were adorable, soft animals. Leaping around the kind creatures, hung on the uneven bits of candy floss, using them as vines. They swung between the blankets like several unstoppable swings. Their dainty, small noses twitched as they clung onto the pure white clouds. A hundred pale pink ears wiggled with delight as they chuckled cheekily. At that unbelievable moment the old, weak man struggled to believe what he was staring at.

Great describing of the clouds. Next step is to describe the animal more.